Our mission

We couple leading models of protein structure and function to optimized protocols for gene synthesis, expression, and screening to accelerate custom protein development. We believe that continuous improvement through every step of the engineering cycle is our best hope to find useful proteins as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

The company

Trident Bioscience is an early-stage biotechnology company located in Mountain View, CA. We take a highly interdisciplinary approach to protein science, with our services building upon work from leading academic labs in protein biophysics and algorithmic biopolymer design.



Degenerate codon optimization

Our DNA library optimization technology is based on DeCoDe, a state of the art algorithm for degenerate codon selection. DeCoDe enables cost- and time-efficient library construction regardless of the throughput constraints of your screening platform.

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High-throughput thermodynamic measurement and modeling

We have a wealth of experience using powerful deep learning models to extract insights from high-throughput measurement technologies. These biophysically-principled models yield quantitative descriptions of protein interactions.

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